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Android-ting du kan kjøpe på ThinkGeek

Android-ting du kan kjøpe på ThinkGeek

av Ørjan H Vøllestad09/09/2011

Jeg er stor fan av ThinkGeek og har handlet både kopper, T-skjorter og andre nerdete greier der. Det fryder meg alltid med en nerdekopp eller T-skjorte med et eller annet geeky utsagn på. En kopp og T-skjorte jeg gjerne bruker på jobben.

Som en nerd og Android-tilhenger, måtte jeg bare søke opp Android på ThinkGeek og hvis du ikke har gjort det før, har jeg satt sammen en rask liste for deg. En morsom beskrivelse for hver ting, som jeg har bevist beholdt på engelsk. Har ikke lyst å prøve å oversette humoren, så om du ikke er god i engelsk, kan du likevel se på bildet og stikke over til ThinkGeek og handle.

ThinkGeek selger gadgets og ting for alle typer nerder. Adressen er under hver ting i listen under og prisen kan variere, så jeg har latt være å liste den opp.

Android Vinyl Action Figure

We’re not going to choose sides in the war of the smart phones. Why? Because when technology competes against itself there are only two possible outcomes: 1. Said technology will improve and evolve rapidly in awesome and fun ways -or- 2. Terminators will be created that will destroy us all. We risk number two to gain number one (and if that was a potty joke, it would be gross). And what does that have to do with the Android Vinyl Action Figure? We thought you’d tell us!


Kiwi Bluetooth Android Phone Car Diagnostic Kit

If you’re not a car geek, the light that says «CHECK ENGINE» might as well say «PC LOAD LETTER.» Sure, we can open the hood and verify that indeed, the engine is still present, but beyond that, we’re a little lost. Best we can do is drive it to the garage and hope that we don’t get totally bamboozled by the mechanic again. We already bought the anti-unicorn disinfectant treatment once! It’s supposed to protect the air filter from glitter for life, right?


Android Plush Robot

You know what this copywriter monkey doesn’t grok? The whole iPhone thing. Sure, they’re cool, there are thousands of apps. They have a shiny apple on the back. You pay a lot of money for them (and then for their larger cousin). But are they really THAT special? ThinkGeek is divided down the lines of the iPhone and the Droid folks. Oh, then there’s Brett and Julie who insist on keeping their Blackberries. Weirdos.


Android Polo

We feel your pain. Well, not the first part, although many of us have experienced it at one point in our lives. But the second part totally resonates with us. So here’s a new option. We’ve created this polo shirt with you in mind. It’s a stain-resistant sport shirt, suitable for casual Fridays in most every situation. The odor fighting will help when you’re stuck toiling next to a several-hundred-degree server for hours. The soil-release will help when you have to get on the ground to work on somebody’s connection, in amongst the Doritos and M&M debris of days gone by. The wrinkle release will help when you wake up from that brief nap at your keyboard. What? You thought we didn’t know? We promise not to tell.


Android Squishables

There once was a pleasantly plump Android. He spent his days obeying the Three Laws and eating delicious toasted sandwiches. He always ordered his sandwiches without bloatware — he was watching his figure, after all — but one day he ate some accidentally. Then it was over. He just got fatter and fatter… more and more bloated. He’s a lot slower these days since his body is so much larger than his legs. But boy howdy, is he squishy and huggable!


Agloves Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves

Capacitive touchscreens are all the rage – between your phone, music player, and data tablet, you are quite familiar with the touchable interface and have even come to rely upon them. They a part of your jukebox, video library, game platform, digital bookshelf… oh, and they can dial your phone as well.

Now that they’ve made all that wonderful digital distraction portable, you can take it with you into the elements. And, to borrow a phrase, baby it’s cold outside! Your poor fingers will freeze into useless meatsticks while you desperately try to tweet how cold it actually is. Sure, you could wear gloves, but then you couldn’t tweet, andthen where will you be?



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  • MariusOX
    09/09/2011 at 08:42

    Moro:D De har også en del på dealextreme ;)

  • Eventyret
    09/09/2011 at 10:00

    Indeed kjøpte en del småsaker til android til meg og fruen fra dealextreme!

    Må si jeg likte t-shorten meget godt også!

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